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Performance Plus is excited to announce we are merging with Augeo.

Performance Plus is excited to announce we are merging with Augeo. Learn More

We're Performance Plus and our name says a lot about us. We create custom performance improvement programs for the employees, sales organizations and channel partners of Fortune 500 companies. And for some smaller clients, too.

What makes us different is our passion to deliver quickly and appropriately. We specialize in serving up a customized approach for each and every client. We've been doing it successfully since 1996.

Introducing Performance Plus' Newest Platform.
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Whether you need to recognize, reward, incent, educate or retain, we have a proven approach that ignites success. From large engagement platforms to one-off sales promotions, we can develop just the right program for your needs. This is all we do and we do it well. But we don't stop at implementation. We analyze and scrutinize to always keep your program razor sharp and bring optimum value.

Performance Plus has been honing its engagement skills for over 17 years. We're passionate about our craft and firmly, thoroughly subscribe to the notion that fully engaged partners are happier, more productive and a lot more fun to be around. At the end of the day the facts are irrefutable. Enterprises that have exponentially engaged employees and partners are far more successful. In fact, organizations exhibiting the values that drive engagement...(a) image and quality, (b) leadership and (c) a relentless focus on the customer... generate an operating margin 3x their low engagement counterparts. Combining the art and science of motivation theory and engagement strategies is what sets us apart. We help our client partners design and structure strategies and programs that engage their key stakeholders...employees, sales organizations and channel partners...and measure, reward and communicate the behaviors that drive profitability.

Employee Engagement

Sales and Channel Engagement

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Our most robust engagement platform

Digital award currency

Great ideas are all around you

Measuring engagement gaps in your company

The company you keep says a lot about you. Take a look at some of the companies that chose to work with us and you'll know we are the real deal. What makes them all want to work with us? They know that we feel our success come from their success.

Not only do we live and breathe engagement and revel in our clients' success, we develop content and tools to assist and educate. We like to share 'em too. For Free. REALLY.


Check out Engagementworx, our blog. You'll find all kinds of good thinking in the performance improvement arena.

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